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Essentially Yours website

And why am I getting this page?

EYI is out of business...

The reason you're seeing this page is simply as a placemarker to let you know that EYI is out of business. I'm informed that, worse, it's been long enough, that the link that formerly directed you there, is now redirecting off of the track, rather than simply being a dead link.

As you can see from this page, you are one of the first to see the current behind-the-scenes going on here: I'm in the process of an entire site-wide re-write. Many of the recommendations are old, and the entire site has a very old "look and feel" -- with this page being a preview of the new look.

In the meantime, there are other alternatives -- and in fact some very different recommendations that I have now, some fifteen years after the site was first written.

But the lyme organism affects different people differently, depending on what organ systems are involved. Mine were neuro, as are the majority of lyme people, I think. So, there is no "one thing works for all." But, if you want to write me back with your specifics and symptoms, I'll be happy to give you my thoughts.

But write me here, and I'll labor to give you my best thoughts individually -- and if I can get to the programming, will put an autoreply on that email address that will send you some other information.